The Nine Powers

Most civilized Thuleans recognize a distinct pantheon of greater powers with wide influence and temples in the more important city-states. This group of major deities is sometimes known as the Nine Powers. Not all of the Nine are known in all cities; different priesthoods wield different amounts of influence from city to city. In fact, many Thuleans would argue about which deities are properly numbered among the Nine Powers, usually substituting a civic patron, a legendary hero, or (in some cases) an anthropomorphized version of one of the Great Old Ones.

Asura NG Goddess of dawn, fire
Herum CE God of beasts, rage
Ishtar CN Goddess of love and luck
Kishar LN Goddess of the earth, agriculture
Mithra LG God of sun, sky, lordship
Nergal NE God of war, the underworld
Set LE God of night, secrets, snakes
Tarhun CG God of storms and battle
Tiamat CE

Goddess of the sea, chaos



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